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Creativity Remastered

Metric-Based Film Productions: Crafted with Precision

Discover the power

of our Metric-Based films

Excellent Performance

Average watchtime on YouTube skippable in-stream ads
Higher audience retention than industry average for Q1-Q2 2023
Lower Cost per View (CPV)

Film commercial B2C – skippable YouTube AD

Jean Paul Gaultier: 95% average watch time



Unrivaled performance in both B2B and B2C

Commercials produced with our marketing friendly algorithm framework

SolidEngineer film commercial branding Norse Legend Productions
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SolidEngineer branding commercial

SolidEngineer AB

B2B target group? No problem, our algorithm gets the job done.




Average watchtime on skippable YouTube in-stream ads
OLAPLEX 3 Panchita commercial Norse Legend Productions
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Olaplex 3 Panchita Commercial

Olaplex – haircare

Smaller AD budgets can also do wonders with our in-house algorithm.




Average watchtime on skippable YouTube in-stream ads

Every human metric matters.


Film language


How do you connect your business goals with film today?

Excellent Audience Retention of 99% with Olaplex Film Commercial

Discover the benefits of working with our optimized film production algorithm

We provide

  • Indepth business goals analysis and alignment
  • SEO for film
  • SEO and SEA Synergy
  • Psychological segmentation of target groups
  • Custom tailored industry standard film language and technique

Excerpt from YouTube analytics:

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We've worked with a wide range of clients

What our clients say about us

"Thank you so much for an outstanding job. We got a lot of value for our money"

Joakim LorentzonCEO - Capo AB

"The commercials are really cool and very impressive!"

Jennifer WickmanSocial media Manager - VOI technologies AB

"Masterly film. Norse Legend is professional, entertaining as well as captivating. They produced a commercial that you would gladly show your customers and friends"

Jonas SjödinCEO - Reklamgren & Linnmans AB

Cutting out the middle man

In-house VFX and film production ensures a smooth alignment between art and business goals.

Ultimate control.